A lovely adventure family on their journey to the brigthside of life.

Travelling and discovering the world

We love to travel through the world and collect moments not miles. We use each temporal and financial opportunity to escape from daily life and discover the most beautiful spots on earth.


Join us on our trip to wonderfiul places, learn more about different people and countries and get useful hints for the organisation of our journeys.

Family Life with Baby and Dog

When WE are together, we have EVERTHING.

That is the motto of our little family that has grown with our lovely little miracle in June 2017.


We take you with us through our daily life and give you the chance to have a close view into all the occuring topics of our family and show you diverse products we can promptly recommend.

Being a successful Business Mom

YES! I love my job and want to be successful as a business mom and do everything to make my dreams come true.


I take you with me to job, show you my own projects and current business ideas and share my previous experiences - I let you know how I manage having an excellent work-life-balance.